Prophylaxis Paste Oil Free

Prophylaxis Paste Oil Free

The oil free prophylaxis paste is based upon Advanced Healthcare’s regular paste, but contains no oil so is suitable for cleaning of tooth cavities prior to placing restorations. (Pastes containing oil interfere with the adhesion of dental restoratives).

All of Advanced Healthcare’s prophypastes use a blend of abrasives selected to ensure optimum removal of plaque and tartar without any appreciable abrasion to enamel.

The thixotropic properties of the paste are carefully controlled to ensure easy application without undesirable spattering at the rotation speeds required for prophylaxis.

The oil free prophylaxis paste contains only natural flavourings, is fluoride free and available in fine, medium and coarse grades.


Contains no oil No restoration adhesion problems
Thixotropic Reduced spattering 
Natural Flavourings  Patient acceptance


Product indications

  • For removal of plaque, tartar and scale from the tooth surface.
  • Cleaning or cavities prior to the placement of restorations.



3 years from the date of manufacture when supplied in AHL’s standard packaging.


Ordering information

Available inCode
Oil Free Coarse Grain Mint 300g 019X1
Oil Free Medium Grain Orange 300g 014X1
Oil Free Fine Grain Lemon 300g  018X1


Pack sizes ranging from 40g to 300g available to special order

More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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