Spray Disinfectant Surface Cleanser

Spray Disinfectant Surface Cleanser

Advanced Healthcare’s disinfectant surface cleanser is designed for use on all surfaces within the dental surgery.

This product contains didecyldimethylammonium chloride [Bardac 22, Lonza], a broad spectrum biocide. This is active against Gram positive and negative bacteria including staphylococcus aureus, e.coli, legionella pneumophilia and klebsiella pneumoniae.

It is also virucidal against enveloped viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV and Herpes Simplex and is fungicidal and algaecidal.

This activity is maintained in the presence of heavy organic soiling, such as blood and salivary protein.

It contains an amphoteric surfactant for an effective cleaning action. It is formulated to dry rapidly and has pleasant lemon fragrance. With a near neutral pH it can be safely used on all surgery surfaces including Perspex and non-ferrous metals. Phosphate free and biodegradable, it is available in spray dispenser bottles and bulk refill containers.


Bactericidal  Prevention of cross infection
Pleasant, lemon aroma Deodorising
Near neutral pH Usable on all surfaces 


Product indications

  • For all surface cleansing and disinfectant within the dental surgery.



3 years from the date of manufacture when supplied in AHL’s standard packaging.


Ordering information

Available inCode
500ml with spray head 058X1
5lt bulk refill 058X2


Pack sizes ranging from 40g to 300g available to special order

More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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