Light Cure Self Etching One Step Bonding Adhesive

Light Cure Self Etching One Step Bonding Adhesive

A one step self etching bonding agent. No need to use etchants or primers prior to applying the adhesive.

Just apply adhesive, light cure and you are ready to apply the composite restorative material. Bond strength and biocompatibility are both excellent and also the material is completely HEMA free. Only a very thin adhesive layer is required making the material ideal for aesthetic restorations. Because no primers or etchants are required, application from start to finish typically takes less than 30 seconds. A true seventh generation bond.

True one step application No primers or etchants required
No mixing or shaking needed No mess, no fuss
Quick and easy to use Reduction in surgery time
Excellent bond strength Last lasting restorations
HEMA free composition Damage to intraoral tissue is reduced
Only a very thin layer required Suitable for even very shallow cavities
Reusable application dish Features closable dispensing well
Micro Applicators included Offers great value
Only 7th Gen bond available as OEM Leading edge private label product 


Product indications

  • For bonding composites and compomers to enamel, dentine and metal

Typical properties

 Bond Strength @ 24H
Light Cure Self Etching One Step Bonding Adhesive 16.6 MPa 18.2 MPa



3 years from the date of manufacture when supplied in AHL’s standard packaging.

Ordering information

Available inCode
6ml Bottle, Application Dish, 50 x Micro Applicators 326X1


More information about the product is available in Product Data Sheet here.

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